Byte Nod is a new global platform for people to earn knowledge, tips, stories, and latest news about business, finance and technology. Founded in 2020, Byte Nod provides free, weekly articles & briefs that are relevant for you. Byte Nod’s mission is to make knowledge accessible as well as to create meaningful content to make people understand the world of business, technology and finance. 

It all started with a hobby and passion of most of Byte Nod team on sharing information across several social media platform. From there, we’ve found our aha moment and working on Byte Nod development straight away. We think on how we could use our skills, experience and our passion to benefits the readers especially those who involved in business and technology. 

As the world becomes more digitalized and integrated with technology, there is an ever-increasing need for smarter people who can take advantage of new opportunities, Byte Nod will assist the readers to improve themselves and make better decisions especially in business, financial planning and become more technology savvy.