Discover the History of Mamee: How Pang Chin Hin Revolutionized Malaysia’s Snack Industry

I was in the office pantry, enjoying a pack of spicy BBQ-flavored dry instant noodles, when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

‘Hey, what are you eating? Haven’t you had lunch yet?’ my colleague asked, giving me a curious look as she glanced at my yellow packet of Mamee-Monster dry instant noodles.

‘What? You want some?’ I asked, offering her a taste of my lunch. She smiled but then shook her head. I playfully moved away, knowing she has a soft spot for Mamee noodles, often enjoying them during her lunch break or as a snack between tasks. 

This playful moment is just one of many reasons why Mamee has become a beloved brand in Malaysia and beyond.

Mamee is a brand that resonates with people who enjoy instant noodles and snacks. Its history goes back to 1974, when Pang Chin Hin established the company in Malacca, Malaysia, with a vision to create affordable instant noodles for the masses.  

Pang Chin Hin, the founder of Mamee. Image credit : Sally Samsaiman/

The journey of Mamee was actually not a straightforward story. Pang Chin Hin and his son, Pang Tee Chew, started a normal instant noodles and vermicelli brand called Lucky. It was not initially successful. It faced heavy competitors like Cintan and Maggi to gain traction in the Malaysian market. Plus it went through some financial difficulties along the way, forcing Pang Chin Hin to think out of the box. He noticed that the rubber tappers in the rurals during the time were eating uncooked noodles straight from the pack because they did not have any gas stove or it was hard for them to have it heated-ready.

The first Mamee manufacturing company in Malacca. Image Credit : &

From the observation, Chin Hin took a huge step and Lucky Instant noodles and Vermicelli had a strategic revamp leading to the creation of iconic snack brands that people know and love today, Mamee-Monster. This change involved rebranding, product innovation, and a focus on quality, all of which contributed to Mamee’s rise to fame. The brand has since become a household name, expanding its range to include not just dry instant noodles but also other popular snacks like Mister Potato, Double Decker, Corntoz, and Mamee Chef Daebak Black Noodles. The company has grown steadily over the years, thanks to its innovative marketing strategies and commitment to quality.

Mamee-Monster, the crunchy dry instant noodle snack, became a sensation with its friendly blue monster mascot, became a symbol of fun and playfulness, and appealing to both children and adults. This approach helped Mamee establish a strong presence in the snack market, leading to a loyal customer base. The brand’s iconic status is a testament to its ability to create not just products but also experiences that resonate with people of all ages.

The iconic Mamee Monster noodles. Image credit : Facebook/mymameemonsterr

Mamee-Monster is now a family business in its fourth generation. Pang Chin Hin’s leadership and determination to innovate transformed Mamee into a beloved brand, and his legacy continues to inspire those within the company today. His passing in 2022 at the age of 96 marked the end of his era, but his grandson, Pierre Pang, has continued his grandfather’s and father’s vision, driving the company’s growth with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Pierre, serves as the general manager of sales and marketing, proudly mentioned that Mamee is still its most recognizable brand and Mister Potato chips is the single brand that contributes to their 70% revenue and exported to 18 markets. 

Mamee’s line of product empire. Image Credit :

The story of Mamee isn’t just about one or two men or one product; it’s about the resilience of a company and its ability to adapt to changing times. From dry instant noodles to a wide range of snacks, the brand has managed to stay relevant across generations. Whether it’s the crunchy Mamee Monster, the popular Mister Potato chips or even the spiciest Daebak black noodles, there’s something for everyone. The brand has become synonymous with good times and shared memories, making it an enduring favorite among snack lovers including me.