5 Amazing Websites that can Help You Grow Your Business

You always scrolling down through your smartphone, look through the social media, online news magazine or even Youtube videos feed which you didn’t find any that meet your likings. We are here now to share with you 5 amazing websites that might interest you especially if you are more into growing your business brands and marketing.

1. Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples

In Marketing Examples, among all that you can find can varied from: 

• Viral ad ideas

• Copywriting examples

• Crash courses to get press

• How to write landing pages

With the creative layout of the websites, you able to get the most of whatever you try to search related to digital marketing, copywriting, various crash courses or even tips and tricks.

From the name of the website, you can predict it will present you popular marketing examples that you could learn or apply in your business.

The most interesting about this website is it only put the keywords of what readers usually read, and not a long article to explain one key idea. You will save your time searching and accessing information from this website.

2. My Mind


Through this website, you can curate  your own favorite online things for inspiration. You are to save images, articles, and websites for later. It can be your online notebooks, sketchbook or even journal and planner.

This website acts like bookmarks on steroids and you can save any webpage and AI in the website will take care of the rest.

3. Scale Works


Scale Works can be your good source to learn many things specially about Software-as-A-Service (SaaS). Here you can learn from the best operators in the world about :


• Hiring

• Retention

• Marketing

You can a lot of resources and information regarding Business-to-Business (B2B) SaaS content, as well as many articles about SaaS business from e-commerce, finance and many more.

4. Stock Circle

Stock Circle

If you interested into stocks and financial markets, here you can see where the best investors in the world put their money. Stocks guru and icons such as Ray Dalio, Cathie Wood, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. You also could discover how much they have been accumulating and distributing their stocks and portfolios via Stock Circle.

5. Next Brand

Next Brand

The final website that might interest you is Next Brand. If you are a digital marketer or researcher or even a business owner, and wish to view or spot any trending brands that are taking off, you can be the first to know about the next big thing.

From this website, you can discover the fastest-growing brands throughout the entire world and benefits your own business growth. 


We hope you like this post and because maybe you haven’t find any of these websites ever when you scrolling through the Internet looking for resources on brands and marketing. If you liked this post or any of our other posts, please share it with your friends and family. We would love to see it!

Credit Note : These interesting contents was originally shared by Matt Gray in his tweets.