5 Awesome Chrome Extensions that can Boost Your Business Productivity

With more than 13,000 extensions that Google Chrome has, 5 below are among the best extensions that you should install. These extensions will help you better in boosting your business productivity, doing your work and make yourselves more organized in your daily tasks.

1. Scribehow

Scribehow is an extension reduce the time you spend documenting and sharing processes by 93%. You can simply use Scribehow to record your activities on the screen, any articles you read or even videos you watched. It is perfect for founders, creators, entrepreneurs and educators.

2. Text Blaze

TextBlaze is an easy-to-use templates have endless customizability and powerful automation that all can be fully control by your fingertips. It can help you to eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes. You only need to save your suitable shortcut, so that you just need to select your shortcut while typing. Will save you a lot of hours in typing.

3. Print Friendly

PrintFriendly is one of the extension which works well if you always screenshot a site or need to read the site while offline. For those who always print from the website, this extension is good for you too. It can make any web page printing friendly & PDF. It also helps in removing junk, allow preview to be edited and provide the PDF with clickable links.

4. GoFullPage

GoFullPage is the tools that you need when you heavily with web developments and user experience. For those maybe coming from the web development industries which needs some reference from the whole websites and need to screenshot the site, this extension is really helpful. You don’t need to looking the key of print-screen, but instead just go fo this Chrome extension.

5. MailTrack

MailTrack is among the best and amazing one, where you’re able to find out your sent email has been read or not and when is the time it is read. You will receive real-time notification pop-ups when your emails are opened.


These are all 5 Google Chrome Extensions that will improve your daily business productivity. If you are having difficulties in organizing and grow your business, you can also can go through our next article, especially if you’re the business owner.