5 Tech Tools that You Need Everyday as an Entrepreneur

In today’s world, having a solid understanding of technology is crucial for entrepreneurs. Since the great majority of transactions are now made online, having the appropriate tech tools on hand will be crucial to running your company efficiently.

There is a tech solution available to assist you with every part of your organization, from billing and accounting to project management and customer relationship management. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 most essential tech tools that you need as an entrepreneur.

5 Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs

1. Google Docs

For collaboratively working on a file with several individuals, Google Docs is a crucial tool. Everyone has the ability to edit information, add or remove language, and proofread it before posting. It’s a terrific tool for teams because you can communicate with other users while also seeing who else is working on the document.

It is also very handy to those who become perplexed when dealing with multiple versions of a work-in-progress.

2. Trello

Trello is a free tool for team communication and project management. It displays a board where you may make lists of cards. You can add comments, upload files, make checklists, and more when you view a card. You can manage the details while getting a bird’s-eye view of your project thanks to the appealing UI. 

When you sign up for the free plan, you receive limitless cards and 10 boards each workspace. Each card contains the ability to delegate tasks to other team members, add due dates, and create checklists. You also have limitless storage and activity records, so losing your data is never a concern.

3. Canva

You should check out Canva if you frequently design social media or marketing visuals. It is a free to use online graphic design tool. It has more than 250,000 free templates and more than 100 different design types.

The best part is that you may collaborate on projects and add team members with the free version. Team members have immediate access to Canva to post comments, assign tasks, and address suggestions.

4. HootSuite

You need a way to schedule updates and keep track of your accounts if social media is a component of your business marketing strategy. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all linked to HootSuite.

However, you can only connect to two social media accounts and schedule five posts per month with its free plan, which has some limitations. But if you’re ready, you can upgrade to the paid plan; it’s a great place to start.

5. Wave

To handle money, cashflows and investments,  every business requires reliable accounting software. But since accounting software can be expensive, Wave is a terrific alternative. You may track your income and expenses with Wave, and it also lets you create financial statements.

From Wave’s dashboard, it’s simple to keep an eye on how your company is going. Additionally, Wave provides consumers with the ability to set up recurring payments and limitless free invoicing.


As an entrepreneur, you need to be efficient and organized in order to succeed. The right tech tools can make a big difference in your productivity and workflow. This article listed the 5 most essential tech tools that you need to use every day as an entrepreneur. Make sure you have these tools in your toolbox to help you streamline your work and stay on top of your business.

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