How a 35 Year Old Tech Developer Escaped the 9 to 5 Job and Becomes a Millionaire

In the previous article, we have shared about Steve Adcock, the financial experts whom occasionally writes in MarketWatch, Forbes, CNBC and Business Insiders. He had his early retirement at the age of 35 and now teach people on how to achieve the same by applying the Millionaire Habits. 

Now, we continue Steve’s tips on how to escape the rat race at any of your age. You can also read our article here, for his other tips that we have shared previously. 

1. Ignore the haters

Most people always jealous and wish to see us down whenever we are ahead of them. Steve also facing the same, where people surround him hated him, while he’s living a purposeful life. 

His tips, just ignore the haters alone. Steve’s principle is to keep himself reminded that he is already living happily, enjoying his life with his family without any debt and problem while they’re still working like dog everyday.

2. Ignore the Joneses

Steve means the Joneses might be our neighbors or colleagues or even sub-ordinates. He keep his focus on his family and his own needs. He will never let any of the neighbors or colleagues buying decision influence his, it will directly involve money and it will never make us rich, said Steve.

3. Frequent talks on future goals

Steve always have conversation with her wife about their future goals and how they will achieve it. They will develop a plan, modify the plan, add and drop any of the item if needed in the plan. He and his wife decided particularly what both of them want, estimate the expenses and costs.

The talks will always happened and the future goals discussion always happened all the time. 

4. Prioritizing well

In a millionaire life, they priotizing thing well enough until they do not need to be multi-tasking. They know what is important and what is not. Steve highlighted that the most important thing to prioritize is health. Next is the family and the last one is the wealth. 

Without the first two, it is difficult to achieve the third one. 

5. Get rid of credit card debt

One debt that will suck out all the wealth is credit card debt. With its high interest rate, it will definitely avoiding us to save and building our wealth. Steve believe credit card is only a convenience but it will never replace our money in buying. 

6. Always said yes

This is one of the important mindset of millionaire where Yes is always be the first word to say. Never avoid any opportunity or feeling pessimistic towards any possibility. 

Steve is a hard-core believer of always try new things and nothing is impossible. The exposure towards this belief kept him always on the path of learning, improving and succeeding.

7. Stop going to the bar

This is another point Steve shared in his Twitter account. Seems simple but this also is one of the important factors that lead to people’s money wasted. Steve used to drink with his fellow friends at a bar every weeks and had spent around $70 to $100 per visit. He had been spending about $400 per month, for the privilege of drinking, which was a stupid routine, he said. 

With $400, we could have save or invest for a compounded profit year over year, and enjoy the life as early millionaire like Steve Adcock. 

Credit Note : These tips was shared by Steve Adcock in his tweets.