Unique Story of Rishi Sunak, the Indian Ancestry Super Rich Banker turns Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak is the New Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

On the 25th of October 2022, Rishi Sunak was appointed as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after a shocking resignation of its newly appointed PM, Liz Truss. Just 45 days ago, during the appointment of Liz Truss, for Rishi Sunak, it appeared like the game was over. But, after all the haywire of tax cuts and the falling of pound sterling under the government of Liz Truss, the story suddenly changed.

His ascent to the top was quick. In 2015, he was elected to represent Richmond in North Yorkshire, and in 2019, he joined the Cabinet.

Rishi Sunak, who was selected as prime minister at the age of 42, has surpassed his former boss David Cameron, who held the record at 43.

Background of Rishi Sunak

Having immigrant ancestry, Sunak was born into a family of a mother born in Tanzania and a father who were born in Kenya. Their grandparents had immigrated from Punjab, in northwest India, to East Africa.

Sunak joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst in 2001 after graduating from Oxford, and he remained there until 2004. He later studied an MBA at Stanford University as a Fulbright scholar, where he met his future wife, Akshata Murthy, who is the daughter of wealthy Indian businessman and co-founder of Infosys, Narayana Murthy.

After moving back to the UK in 2006, Sunak accepted a position at Sir Chris Hohn’s hedge fund, The Children’s Investment Fund Management (TCI), where he eventually became a partner. Sunak departed TCI in 2009 to work for Theleme Partners, another hedge fund. He wed Murthy in that year, and the two of them would have two children.

The couple started to build a sizable fortune thanks to Sunak’s commercial success and his wife’s 0.91 percent ownership stake in Infosys. The Sunday Times estimated their wealth in 2022 to be around £730 million ($877 million). (Some estimates put Akshata Murthy’s estimated net worth at up to £1 billion [$1.2 billion]).

Interesting Points About Rishi Sunak

The Fastest MP to Climb the Hill – in only 7 Years to the Top

In February 2020, under Boris Johnson, Sunak was appointed finance minister, or chancellor, after being initially elected as an MP in 2015 for Richmond in north Yorkshire.

One of the Richest MP

Akshata Murty, the millionaire businessman Narayana Murthy’s daughter, is his wife. Sunak has held positions at two hedge funds as well as the investment bank Goldman Sachs. The couple’s fortune is valued approximately £730 million, according to the Sunday Times.

Dealing with His Wife Tax Arrangements

Akshata Murthy did not legally pay any UK taxes on significant gains made abroad. “To slander my wife to get at me is cruel”, Sunak defended his wife, but eventually she agreed to start paying more taxes.

In-Charged of Covid Cash Support

The financial assistance during lockdowns, including furlough compensation and the restaurant “Eat Out to Help Out” programme, was the brainchild of Sunak when he was Boris Johnson’s chancellor.

Brexit and Deregulation Are One of His Campaigns

One of his long-held favorite concepts is “free ports,” which are areas near ports or airports where goods can be imported and exported without paying taxes. His stand is to encourage more trades in and out of the United Kingdom. 

Rishi Sunak as a Jedi?

He told a group of schoolchildren in 2016 that he wanted to be a Jedi Knight when he grew up. The Empire Strikes Back is his favorite Star Wars film.


In conclusion, we can learn a lot from Rishi Sunak. He is a very successful banker and has now become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His Indian ancestry makes him unique and he is an excellent role model for other minorities. We can learn from his story and his achievements. Even if you don’t have any ambition to become a Prime Minister or a millionaire, at least you can dream to become a Jedi and control your money smartly.